Salmon, Andrew (Oral history)

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British trumpeter, gunner and NCO served with 5th Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, Hong Kong and Singapore Royal Artillery and 965 Independent Defence Battery, Royal Artillery in Hong Kong, 1935-1941; POW in North Point and Shampshuipo POW Camps in Hong Kong, 1941-1942; survived sinking of Lisbon Maru in South China Sea, 1/1942

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REEL 1 Recollections of period as trumpeter and gunner with 5th Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery in Hong Kong, 1935-1940: background to enlistment in Royal Artillery, 1934; posting to Hong Kong, 1935; voyage from GB to Hong Kong; disembarkation in Hong Kong; character of Lyemun Barracks; anti-aircraft equipment at Lyemun; duties as trumpeter and daily routine; relations between troops and barracks servants; daily routine; recreational activities; relations with Chinese including girl friends; Chinese attitude towards Japanese. REEL 2 Continues: his aircraft observer work; exercises for defence of Hong Kong; static character of defence; army’s opinion of Japanese forces; question of inadequacies of pre-war training; degree of awareness of political situation in China during late 1930s; belief in corrupt character of Nationalist Government; public executions in Canton; presence of refugees in Hong Kong; anti-piracy patrols; recreation camp at Chungchow; effects of outbreak of Second World War, 9/1939. REEL 3 Continues: changes in equipment and personnel from 1938; growing sense of Japanese threat; duties at Port War Signal Station; monitoring Japanese air presence. Aspects of period as NCO with Hong Kong and Singapore Royal Artillery in Hong Kong, 1940-1941: character of unit; his record keeping role; Sikh mutiny over wearing of steel helmets; Japanese massacre of unit members during Battle of Hong Kong, 1941. Aspects of operations as NCO with 965 Independent Defence Battery in Hong Kong, 1941: posting to unit; role of unit; hearing news of start of Pacific War, 12/1941; Japanese air raids; deployment of British artillery; accuracy of Japanese artillery fire. REEL 4 Continues: opinion of suitability of Japanese equipment; Japanese infiltration tactics; superiority of Japanese camouflage; exhaustion of British troops at Stanley; Japanese atrocities in Stanley. Aspects of period as POW in North Point and Shamshuipo POW camps, 1941-1942: conditions in North Point camp; hospitalisation for dysentery; transfer to Shampshipo Camp; character of Shampshipo Camp; diet; Indian collaboration with Japanese. Recollections of sinking of Lisbon Maru in South China Sea, 10/1942: drafting to Japan; torpedoing of ship by US submarine; Japanese battening down of holds containing POWs; POW break-out of hold; refuge on Chu San islands; re-capture by Japanese.

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