McBeath, John Edwin Home (Oral history)

Catalogue number
  • 2808
Production date
Subject period
  • whole: Duration 24 minutes, Number Of Items 2 reels
Alternative names
  • object name: Oral history
  • object category: IWM interview

Object description

British officer commanded HMS Venomous during Dunkirk Evacuation, 5/1940-6/1940

Content description

REEL 1 Recollections of operations commanding HMS Venomous during Dunkirk Evacuation, 5/1940-6/1940: taking command of ship, 1939; role of little ships at Dunkirk; initial lack of problems berthing during early stages of evacuation; use of mole after bombing of harbour; sight of troops on beach; anchoring off beaches; German Air Force bombing of beaches. REEL 2 Continues: morale of troops collected from Dunkirk; amusing incidents of sleeping soldiers; carrying senior officers from Dunkirk; organisation of evacuation; lack of damage and casualties aboard ship; night operations in latter stages of evacuation; reasons for success of evacuation; assessment of organisation of evacuation.

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