Baghdad, March 5th 2007

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  • 4907.20.1
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IWM London
  • whole: Height 1.30 m, Length 4.30 m, Load 66 kn/m, Weight 453 kg, Width 1.60 m
Alternative names
  • Bombed Car, Baghdad ( wreckage )
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Object description

Remains of a car damaged in a car bomb attack on the book market at Al-Mutanabbi Street in central Baghdad on 5th March 2007

Physical description

Wreckage of a car damaged by car bomb explosion ( see object history ). It is missing its engine, which was removed prior to export from Iraq. Note: Mr Deller modified the wreckage somewhat prior to exhibition, it is not now in the physical shape it was immediately post the explosion - ( photographs of the car pre modification are held on file, including some taken in Iraq during the export process)

History note

The car (type and original owner unknown) was damaged in a car bomb attack on the crowded book market at Al-Mutanabbi Street in central Baghdad on 5th March 2007. 38 people were killed in the explosion and hundreds injured. No terrorist group has ever claimed responsibility for the explosion. There is no evidence of human remains in the car and it was unlikely it was occupied. The car was exported from Iraq in May 2007 (with the permission of the Iraqi government - see papers on file) by Jan Gruiters of IKV Pax Christi (a Dutch christian aid organisation). They passed it to Dutch artist Robert Kluijver. He in turn donated it to the New Museum in New York, who commissioned the artist Jeremy Deller to turn it into an art installation. See

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