Sd Kfz 173 Jagdpanther (Tank Destoyer)

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  • 4501.50.1
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IWM Duxford
  • whole: Height 2.7 m, Length 10.08 m, Weight 38460.0 kg, Weight 44788.0 kg, Width 3.3 m
Alternative names
  • Sd Kfz 173 Jagdpanther (Tank Destoyer)
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German WW2 heavy tank destroyer, crew of 5, powered by Maybach HL230P30 engine, armed with 88mm gun and one machine gun.

History note

Service history unverified - vehicle identitiy unknown with accuracy. The vehicle production number was on the piece of armour plate removed and disposed of by the Army when the vehicle was in the care of RCMS Shrivenham (no records kept). However, the Department of Tank Design report on the vehicle (M.6815A/8 No 1) states it is 300054 - an early 1944 production number. On at least two occasions the vehicle has been claimed as the one destroyed by Lieutenant Hugh Griffiths (later Lord Griffiths) 2nd Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion Welsh Guards, Hechtel, 1944. Indeed the IWM caption currently with the vehicle states this. This is a dubious claim. The identification is based purely on the location of the three shot grouping which knocked out the vehicle. A Mr Spielberger, a veteran of Panzergruppe Lex, part of 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking, makes a more convincing case that the vehicle was from his unit and was abandoned in northern Germany, near Gifhorn in April 1945 after an engine fire (there is evidence of such a fire). Two photographs (possibly taken by US Signal Corps photographers) in a book published by Spielberger called 'Sturmartillerie' definitely show the vehicle after abandonment. However, another correspondent (C S Layton) points out that the number of early production details on the vehicle mitigates against this claim (because Spielberger claims vehicle came to the unit in March 1945 straight off the production line).

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