Monty's Map Caravan ( Fordson )

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Catalogue number
  • 4109.52.1
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IWM Duxford
  • general: Length 31 ft
  • general: Width 8 ft
  • general: Height 11 ft
Alternative Names
  • Monty's Map Caravan ( Fordson )
Object Type
vehicle, wheeled, unarmoured
vehicles, aircraft and ships

History note

This is the 3rd of Montgomery's vehicles. During his campaigns in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy Montgomery had recognised the need for a map lorry from which he could conduct operations in the field. This vehicle was built (by the British Trailer Company, of Trafford Park), to the designs of Montgomery's personal staff, and presented to him on 17 April 1944, seven weeks before D-Day. This lorry became the nerve centre of Montgomery's Tactical Headquarters in North-West Europe from June 1944 until May 1945.

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