M3A5 General Grant II Medium Tank

Catalogue number
  • 4000.20.1
Production date
  • general: Length 222 in
  • general: Width 107 in
  • general: Height 123 in
  • general: Weight 64000 lbs
Alternative Names
  • M3A5 General Grant II Medium Tank
Object Type
vehicle, tracked, armoured
vehicles, aircraft and ships

History note

This Tank was used by General (later Field Marshal) Sir Bernard Law Montgomery in the Desert Campaign in 1942 - 1943, including the Battle of El Alamein in October 1942 in which the 8th Army defeated Rommel. It continued to be used by Monty during the invasion of Sicily in July 1943, and for the remainder of that year as the 8th Army advanced into Italy. It was attached to 8th Army Headquarters and was used by Montgomery and subsequent Commanders for forward observation on the battlefield. It was "Monty's wish" that the tank should be handed back to his old Regiment, the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, and in 1948 it was brought from Austria to England and became gate guardian at Budbrooke Barracks outside Warwick. It was later displayed at the Depot of the Queen's Division at Bassingbourn which the Royal Regiment joined in 1968. Completely restored in 1985 - 1988 by volunteers at the Army's Armoured Vehicle Depot at Ludgershall, Hampshire it was handed over to the Imperial War Museum on 6th June 1988. Photographs of Monty in this tank in North Africa can be obtained from the Imperial War Museum Photo Archive.

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