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Catalogue number
  • 2010.30.2
Display status
IWM Duxford
  • general: Length 89 ft
  • general: Height 24 ft
  • Wing Span: Width 447.6 in
  • general: Weight 37628 lbs
Alternative Names
  • BAC TSR-2
Object Type
aircraft, fixed wing, jet engined
vehicles, aircraft and ships

History note

This was the fourth TSR-2 on the production line but unlike its three predecessors was not completed. Following cancellation, the aircraft was lent to the Cranfield Institute of Technology to be used in connection with postgraduate teaching. The technical advances of the last decade having superceded the technology of the TSR-2, the Ministry of Defence gave it to the Imperial War Museum in 1977, then it was moved to Duxford in March 1978.

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