Avro 698 Vulcan B2

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  • 2010.20.5
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IWM Duxford
Production date
  • Wing Span: Width 111 ft
  • whole: Length 1199 in, Weight 180000 lbs
Alternative names
  • Avro 698 Vulcan B2
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4-engine (Bristol Siddeley Olympus 200 turbojets), tail-less delta wing, crew of 5. Originally developed as a high-altitude strategic bomber, was later adapted for marine reconnaissance operation.

History note

Entered service with No. 27 Sqn. at Scampton on 16 May 1961. 25 Feb 1963 served with 9 Squadron. 12 December 1963 it moved to RAF Finningley, where it served with No. 230 OCU. From May 1965 until Feb 1969 it was based at Cottesmore with occasional detachments to RAF Waddington. July 1966 it was in Cyprus with the Akrotiri bomber wing (Nos. 9, 12 and 35 Sqns). From 4 October 1966 -19 June 1968 it spent time with a number of squadrons (Nos.44,50,101) 19 June 1968 back to 9 and 35 squadrons until 1977, then spent some time with No.35 Sqn. then on 14 Feb 1977 it went to 230 OCU. From 15 Feb 1977 to 1981 with 9,44,50,101 Squadrons, but had a brief time in St Athan. (from March 14 to April 2) Flew into Duxford on 13 March 1982 15 March 1982 transferred to the Imperial War Museum Other points of history including service dates are on the XJ824 file.

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