The Naming of Parts

Catalogue number
  • Art.IWM ART 16846
Art and Popular Design
Production date
Place made
Great Britain
Subject period
  • Support: wood
  • medium: acrylic
  • Support: Depth 80 mm, Height 1080 mm, Width 425 mm
Alternative names
  • object category: assemblage
Presented by Professor and Mrs Kenneth Simmonds, 2004

© The artist

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Object description

image: a wooden cutlery tray balances on some wooden blocks on a small bookcase, forming a display container for various wooden items: spheres, cubes and cones, counters for board games and pieces that look as if they may have once been part of a chair or table leg, or suggestive of mechanical components. The only clearly identifiable item is a wooden mannequin's hand with a black stigmata painted on its palm. The whole object is painted in shades of grey, white and black to exaggerate the items' shadows and highlights and to create the illusion of additional faces and depth. Behind the objects, on the flat panel at the back of the bookshelf, similar objects are painted in a trope l'oeil style.


This piece refers to Henry Reed's poem of the same name, drawing on his experiences in the Second World War. It was made during the recent war with Iraq in 2003, in reaction to another of the artist's pieces in the Museum's Art collection, 'Other Mothers' Sons' [IWM ART 16420].

Physical description

wood and found objects

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