How to Deal with Incendiary Bombs

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  • Art.IWM PST 16739
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  • Support: paper
  • medium: lithograph
  • Support: Height 363 mm, Width 500 mm
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  • object category: Poster

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whole: the title is positioned across the top edge, in black. The 11 images and the text, also in black, occupy the remainder. All set against a white background. image: 11 separate images depicting a civilian man and woman demonstrating various methods for dealing with an incendiary bomb. text: HOW TO DEAL WITH INCENDIARY BOMBS EQUIPMENT- Wooden Scoop. Small Axe. Crowbar. Torch. Wooden Shovel. Dark glasses. Wooden Sand Bucket. Stirrup pump. Water tins. Sand-mats. Lay sand bucket on its back, shovel out sand, cover bomb, then place bucket upright and scoop bomb into shovel and tip it into wooden bucket. Carry to a safe place. TO SMOTHER BOMB WITH A SAND-MAT- Shield face with sand-mat as you rush up to the bomb. A good substitute for a Sand-mat is a Sugar Bag half filled with dry sand and either tied or sewn at the top. Place the sand-mat on the bomb. Get away Quickly. TO DEAL WITH AN INCENDIARY BOMB- Enter burning room on your hands and knees. Open door slowly, keep down low to avoid smoke and flames. Take cover and direct jet of water on burning fabrics etc. but not on the bomb itself. Operator of stirrup pump must stay outside room. A third person brings more water. D. Colbron Pearse Never throw water on an incendiary bomb it will explode. Spraying an incendiary bomb makes it burn out Quicker, but a jet of water must not be directed on it.

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