Dianabad [Diana Baths]

Catalogue number
  • Art.IWM PST 6845
Art and Popular Design
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Subject period
  • Support: paper
  • whole: lithograph and letterpress
  • Support: 627, 951
  • Mount: 512, 771
Alternative names
  • object category: Poster

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Object description

whole: the image occupies the upper half, with the title separate and positioned in the lower half, in black. The text is separate and positioned in the lower quarter, in red. All set against a white background and held within a purple border. image: a full-length depiction of a man wearing a purple swimming costume. He stands with his arms outstretched as if about to dive into water. Behind him are stylised green waves. text: DIANABAD [additional text follows] Internationales Wettschwimmen, -Springen, -Tauchen und Wasserball für Damen und Herren unter dem Protektorate Sr. Durchlaucht, Hofrat Dr. Eduard Prinz von zu Liechtenstein, zugunsten des Kriegshilfsbüros des k. k. Ministeriums des Innern. Sonntag den 29. Oktober, 4 Uhr nachmittags - Beginn des Konzertes 3 Uhr nachmittags. Teilnehmer aus Deutschland, Ungarn and Österreich gemeldet. Preise der Plätze: Parkettsitz K 10 und K 5, Balkonsitz K 3, Parkettpromenade K 3; Eintritt I. Geschoss K 2, II. Geschoss K 1. Vorverkaufsstellen: [a list of ticket offices] [end of additional text] WALDHEIM - EBERLE A.G. [Diana Baths. International competitive swimming, diving, underwater swimming and water polo for ladies and gentlemen under the patronage of His Serene Highness Dr. Eduard Prince of zu Liechtenstein, Court Councillor, for the benefit of the War Aid Office of the Imperial and Royal Ministry of the Interior. Sunday, 29 October, 4 p.m. Start of concert 3 p.m. Participants registered from Germany, Hungary and Austria. Ticket prices for seats: Stalls 10 kronen and 5 kronen, Balcony 3 kronen, Stalls Promenade 3 kronen; Admission, 1st floor 2 kronen, 2nd floor 1 krone. Advance booking offices: [a list of ticket offices]. Waldheim-Eberle stock corporation.]

Physical description

An additional text strip is adhered over some of the original text (the original text includes the artist's name and the word 'Wien').



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