An MT Type: Portrait of a WRNS Driver

Catalogue number
  • Art.IWM ART LD 7234
Art and Popular Design
Production date
Subject period
  • Support: board
  • medium: oil
  • Support: Height 501 mm, Width 361 mm
Alternative names
  • object category: painting

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Object description

image: A woman in WRNS uniform sits in a canvas-backed chair. She rests one leg on a chair to the left and has her trousers gathered up casually revealing her ankles. She holds a cigarette in her left hand, and just below there is a mug balancing on the arm of the chair. Her right elbow rests on the other arm of the chair and she leans her head on her hand. There is a coal-fired stove and wood basket in the left of the composition. Verso: An unfinished portrait of a woman in Eastern dress.


K.B. K.B.

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