La Cour des Miracles [The Court of Miracles (Paris)]

Catalogue number
  • Art.IWM BUTE 159
Art and Popular Design
Subject period
  • Support: laid paper
  • medium: etching
  • medium: drypoint
  • Support: Height 275 mm, Width 357 mm
Alternative names
  • object category: print
Gift of the 5th Marquess of Bute, 1951

Object description

image: In the centre of the composition stands Kaiser Wilhelm II in declamatory pose. In full dress uniform, save for a scarf tied around his face, head to chin, he holds his left arm raised towards the viewer, the forefinger of his hand extended; his right hand holds the tip of a sabre blade, the massive hilt of which rests upon the ground. To his left hobbles the diminutive figure of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, Franz-Josef I who, bent double supports himself on sticks. On his own left stands a nonchalant and corpulent Turk, extravagant whiskers, large stomach covered with an equal large sash supporting a pair of curved daggers, and even larger patterned pantaloons. To the Kaiser's right stands a rotund and smiling Germania, her hair set in plaits and what appears to be a chatelaine's equipment hanging from her waist. Behind her hovers the figure of a minister/diplomat complete with top hat and monocle : possibly the German Chancellor, Bethman-Hollweg. The top of the composition is surmounted by the title, roughly etched in upper and lower case. The 'R' of MIRACLES is partially obscured.


signed J C B lower right in plate, J C Bougonnier 1915 41/45 lower right below image pencil

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