The War Told for You in Pictures

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  • Art.IWM PST 15655
Art and Popular Design
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Great Britain
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  • Support: paper
  • medium: lithograph
  • Support: Height 634 mm, Width 494 mm
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  • object category: Poster

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whole: the 16 images occupy the majority. The title is separate and positioned across the top edge, in black. The text is separate and located in the upper left and beneath each image as a caption, in black. All set against a white background. image: a series of photographs illustrating different aspects of the Allied war effort, including depictions of military vehicles and military personnel. text: M.50033-H.3077-D.4435-750-17.5.40. THE WAR TOLD FOR YOU IN PICTURES Guns! Britain has guns for all classes of warfare, from light machine-guns to monsters that can throw gigantic shells many miles. A few of the many types required in modern warfare are illustrated on this sheet. British merchant ships carry guns, mounted on the stern, to protect themselves against attacks by German submarines. Here is a defence gun being hoisted aboard a liner. These huge naval guns are used for testing the strength of armour plating of which battleships are made. The plate to be tested is set up some distance away and a shell weighing over a ton is hurled at it. The shell is afterwards recovered. These three Australian airmen recently arrived in England with a squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force to man the huge Sunderland flying boats of the Coastal Command. Their duties will include anti-submarine patrols and general sea reconnaissance work. Another type of gun. Anti-aircraft guns on board H.M.S. Nelson, one of Britain's largest battleships. This gun's crew is wearing gas masks and gasproof clothing. German aircraft raiding London would get a warm reception from the many guns of the city's air-defences. Here is one of the latest types of anti-aircraft gun. The lightest gun used by the British forces is the Bren gun. In this advance post in the British zone of the Maginot Line one soldier with a Bren gun and three with rifles keep watch on the German lines. This field gun, mounted on pneumatic tyres, is in a camouflaged emplacement in France. The British Prime Minister, Mr. Chamberlain, is seen inspecting it. This is an anti-tank gun of the type used by the British Army in France. It is kept ready for instant action. The shell for this coastal gun is so heavy that it has to be brought to the breech by crane. Bombs for the enemy. These bombs are about to be loaded into a British bomber in France. Captain Balfour, Under-Secretary of State for Air, who was a pilot in the last war, finds them interesting. The eight-inch guns of this British cruiser, H.M.S. Exeter, inflicted severe damage on the German pocket battleship, Admiral Graf Spee. The Exeter was herself damaged in the action, in which she was assisted by H.M.S. Achilles and H.M.S. Ajax. Intensive training in trench warfare goes on unceasingly in the British sector in France. A relief party is seen coming in to take over. British tanks are among the most highly developed of any used by modern armies. The picture shows part of the Second Battalion of the Royal Tank Corps. Scuttled by Hitler's order after being driven to seek shelter at Monte Video, on the coast of South America, the German pocket battleship, Graf Spee, is here shown burning furiously just outside Monte Video Harbour. German crews prefer to scuttle their ships rather than have them captured by the British Navy. Here is the 32,000-ton liner, Columbus, being scuttled in the North Atlantic. Sentry-go is a cold job in France just now, but these R.A.F. sentries are clad as warmly as possible. Picture Sheet No. 3. - Issued by Information Office, P.O. Box 384, Salisbury.

Physical description

Picture Sheet No. 3. Part of a series of posters produced under the titles 'The War in Pictures' and 'The War Told For You in Pictures'. I.A.50012. H.2813. D.3988. 500C.



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