Jacket, knitted (child’s suit): infant’s, civilian

Catalogue number
  • UNI 14409
  • whole: Centre Back 34.5 cm, Centre Front 41 cm, Chest (flat) 30.5 cm, Collar (flat) 8.5 cm, Collar Height 4 cm, Inside Arm 18 cm, Nape To Waist 20 cm, Waist (flat) 33 cm, Wrist (flat) 5.5 cm
Alternative names
  • full name: Jacket, knitted (child’s suit): infant’s, civilian
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Hand knits for babies and children were popular – and practical. This knitted outfit for a toddler has been made to stretch and fit a growing child over a longer period of time. Children’s clothes would often be handed down to younger family members.

Physical description

Long-sleeved tunic-style jacket of knitted beige wool with a stand and fall collar, fastened to the left front by a series of six large vertical buttons.

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