Siren Suit: women’s, civilian

Catalogue number
  • UNI 5309
  • whole: Fabric, metal
  • whole: Ankle (circumference) 540 mm, Back (between Shoulders) 350 mm, Calf (circumference) 540 mm, Centre Back 450 mm, Centre Front (to Crotch) 800 mm, Chest (circumference) 880 mm, Collar (circumference) 340 mm, Collar Height 56 mm, Collar To Hood (crown) 300 mm, Hips (circumference) 920 mm, Inside Arm 458 mm, Inside Leg 630, Nape To Waist 450 mm, Overall Height 1340 mm, Shoulder Seam 120 mm, Thigh (circumference) 580 mm, Waist (circumference) 668 mm, Wrist (flat) 106 mm
Alternative names
  • full name: Siren Suit: women’s, civilian
  • simple name: Civilian Clothing: British
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Physical description

Zip fronted step-in overalls style garment of dark blue fabric, having bell-bottom cuffs to the legs, and with a fitted hood. The hood is lined in Cambridge blue fabric, as is the detachable waist belt and piping decoration to the cuffs. The shoulders are decoratively puffed. A quick-release drop down panel is fitted to the posterior, secured by metal pop-stud fasteners, permitting the wearer to carry out personal ablutions without removing the entire garment.

History note

A peculiar if not practical form of dress that evolved during the Second World War was the one-piece garment known as the 'Siren Suit'. Of jumpsuit style, these appeared in a variety of colours and were a convenient form of clothing to be hurriedly put on over night clothes before rushing to the bomb shelter during air raids.

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