Jacket Scottish Women's Hospitals

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  • full name: Jacket Scottish Women's Hospitals
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Part of a collection of relics relating to Dr. Elsie Inglis. Dr. Elsie Maud Inglis was born in India in 1864. After studying medicine in Edinburgh she took up private practice there in 1895 and then was instrumental in initiating many valuable organisations for the medical care of women and children. In 1906 she became Honorary Secretary of the Scottish Federation of Women's Suffrage Societies, which (inspired by her and aided by the N.U.W.S.S.) in August 1914, organised the Scottish Women's Hospitals for Foreign Service. In April 1915, Dr Inglis went to Serbia and in November the Serbians retreating she and some others remained till February 1916 as prisoners of war, to tend the Serbian wounded. In August 1916 she took a Unit to the Dobrudga for service with a Serbian Division attached to the Russian Army. She died on the 27th November 1917 at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, the day after her return, with her unit, from Russia.

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