Blouse, Battledress, 1940 pattern: Major, Royal Armoured Corps

Catalogue number
  • UNI 2313
  • Backing: felt
  • Badges: worsted
  • Blouse: cloth
  • whole: metal
  • whole: plastic
Alternative names
  • full name: Blouse, Battledress, 1940 pattern: Major, Royal Armoured Corps
  • simple name: coat: British
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Blouse, Battledress,1940 pattern: Major, Royal Armoured Corps


John Scott-Ellis, 9th Baron Howard de Walden served in the Westminster Dragoons during the Second World War, spending most of that time in Canada, where he was an instructor at the Canadian Staff College in Ontario. Before the war as a languages student in Munich whilst driving, he knocked over a pedestrian by the name of Adolf Hitler. They later met at an opera and their discussion was quite congenial, claiming that Hitler “was quite charming to me for a few moments".

Physical description

Blouse Khaki serge single-breasted blouse with exposed buttons. The blouse has two non-pleated button-down patch breast pockets with a stand and fall collar. The collar is faced with khaki drill material. To each of the button-down epaulettes are sewn worsted badges of rank in the shape of a crown worked onto yellow felt backing. Attached (sewn) to each upper arm are cloth shoulder titles bearing the text, 'ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS', worked in red thread on yellow backing. Beneath the titles are embroidered emblems representing a drum, with yellow/red arm of service strips sewn directly below.

History note

The 1940 pattern Battledress (sometimes referred to as the 'utility' pattern) was devised as a wartime economy measure. The fly front, with its concealed buttons (and those to the cuffs and pockets) were replaced by exposed buttons. Additionally, the pleats to breast pockets and one of the internal breast pockets were removed.

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