Collection: Nenette and Rintintin woollen doll mascot

Catalogue number
  • EPH 4130
Place made
  • Doll: wool
  • Hats: tin foil
  • Each: Depth 12 mm, Height 55 mm, Width 35 mm
  • Joining Wool: Length 154 mm
Alternative names
  • full name: Nenette and Rintintin woollen doll mascot
  • simple name: CHA
souvenirs and ephemera

© IWM (EPH 4130)

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Physical description

Nenette and Rintintin woollen doll mascot, made of grey and deep pink wool, with tin foil hats and joined together with a line of wool.

History note

Caption: In the summer of 1918, these little wool-doll mascots, named "Nenette and Rintintin", and occasionally accompanied by their baby, were very popular in Paris. They were popularly supposed to be charms against bombs of the Gothas and the shells of "Big Bertha", the long-range German gun that bombarded Paris at intervals between 23rd March and 15th August 1918. German aeroplane air raids on Paris took place at intervals between 30th August 1914 and 16th September 1916. They were also sold as "flag-day emblems" on France's Day. Hand-painted booklet entitled "Nenette et Rintintin" (K. 31114) accompanies the collection. The mascots were presented by Miss Lily Butler, foundress of soldier's club and hostel 'A Corner of Blighty In Paris'.

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