cigarettes, Dutch

Catalogue number
  • EPH 2277
  • Cigarettes: tobacco
  • whole: card
  • whole: paper
  • whole: H : 74 mm W : 53 mm D : 21 mm
Alternative names
  • full name: cigarettes, Dutch
  • simple name: SMO
souvenirs and ephemera

Physical description

One unopened packet of twenty cigarettes. The front of the packet shows the Dutch East Indies superimposed on a mape of Europe. The back and the top shows the colours of the Dutch flag.

History note

50,000 cigarette packets were dropped by the RAF into the Netherlands on the 1 and 2 September 1942 to commemorate Queen Wilhelmina's sixty-second birthday.

A) printed on the front c) printed on the back d) pinted on the top

a) Houdt moed b) De overwinning nadert c) NEDERLAND ZAL HERRIJZEN (translation: The Netherlands shall arise)

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