cigarettes, Dutch

Catalogue number
  • EPH 2274
  • Cigarettes: tobacco
  • whole: card
  • whole: paper
  • whole: H : 74 mm W : 53 mm D : 21 mm
Alternative names
  • full name: cigarettes, Dutch
  • simple name: SMO
souvenirs and ephemera

Physical description

One unopened packet of cigarettes in the Royal 'House of Orange' colours and bearing the Royal cypher for Queen Wilhelmina on the front. The whole packet is covered in V's for victory in white on orange background.

History note

These cigarette packets were dropped by the RAF into the Netherlands on the 31 August 1941 to celebrate the Dutch Queen's birthday.

A) and b) printed on the front and back c) printed on the sides d) pinted on the top and bottom

a) 31 AUGUSTUS 1941 b) Nederland zal herrijzen! c) ORANJE ZAL OVERWINNEN! d) Deze Cigaretten zijn vervaardigd uit Nederlandsch Indische Tabak

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