Polish state loan, Republic Issue, 20 marka, Poland

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Catalogue number
  • CUR 19533
Production date
  • paper
Alternative Names
  • FULL NAME: Polish state loan, Republic Issue, 20 marka, Poland
  • SIMPLE NAME: currency, Poland

History note

Issued by Polska Krajowa Kasa Pozyczkowa (Polish State Loan Bank) dated 1919. Part of the Fischel Collection of German and Austrian banknotes and coins of 1904 - 1924. The collection is currently stored in 137 numbered envelopes and kept together with an Index to the collection which lists issuing towns alphabetically with the corresponding envelope number next to it. This currency note is currently stored in envelope number 67.

Physical description

Polish state loan, Republic Issue, 20 marka, Poland. Note has been folded in four and appears worn and creased with ragged torn edges, there is also some ingrained dirt around the edges.

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