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Catalogue number
  • FIR 2979
  • general: Length 310 mm
  • general: Height 135 mm
  • general: Width 32 mm
Alternative Names
  • FULL NAME: Welrod
  • SIMPLE NAME: pistol, bolt action, replaceable box magazine
Object Type
weapons and ammunition

Object description

Welrod bolt action pistol with replaceable box magazine


The Welrod pistol was a silenced pistol developed at the Station IX of the British Special Operations Executive near Welwyn in Hertfordshire. Unlike earlier suppressed weapons, the Welrod was purpose-designed. A simple tubular structure contained the barrel, silencing assembly and breech mechanism. A removable grip contained the magazine. The Welrod was not self-loading - each shot had to be chambered by manipulating the bolt by means of a knurled grip. The Welrod was intended as a short-range assassination weapon, with a recommended operational range of 8 yards. It was chambered for 7.65mm ammunition, although a version in 9mm Parabellum was produced in limited quantities.

History note

first pattern trigger mounting, long foresight

Physical description

pistol & magazine

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