Pigeon basket, double, British

Catalogue number
  • FEQ 813
  • Toggle: wood
  • Frame: metal
  • Hoop: metal
  • Basket: wicker
  • whole: canvas
  • whole: string
  • Basket: Height 530 mm
  • Trough: Length 170 mm
  • whole: Depth 390 mm, Height 65 mm, Width 250 mm, Width 80 mm
Alternative names
  • full name: Pigeon basket, double, British
  • simple name: pigeon basket

© IWM (FEQ 813)

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Physical description

basket, metal trough, padded strip Wicker basket for carrying pigeons. Basic construction is a wooden frame with wicker panels. There are four doors, two on each end, which have a metal frame. The doors and central side panels are loosely woven, allowing unrestricted sight into the cages, through 'windows'. The doors are secured by a wooden toggle on a piece of string attached to the door, which secures into a metal hoop on the main frame of the basket. The lid is a separate panel attached with wicker loops. The wicker is tan in colour. There is a wicker handle on the top of the basket, which has broken on one side. There is also a leather strap on the top, with a buckle, which is nailed to the top. This is torn at both ends. There are adjustable webbing straps on the back of the basket, which are pale khaki in colour. The straps are 2.5cm wide. Inside the basket are two 'shelves' for carrying pigeons. The shelves are sectioned diagonally, allowing two pigeons to travel on each shelf. The sectioning is formed from dirty cream canvas sewn across a metal frame. This same canvas also covers the bottom of the cages, and the lower half of the side windows. Found inside the cages were: a solidly padded strip of khaki canvas 33cm long. a metal trough attached to the main basket with a twisted string. The trough has two metal hooks on the side, to enable it to hang. There is also a metal loop on the bottom that would enable it to slide onto a protruding object. The whole is in good condition, however there are loose pieces of wicker in the basket. The canvas is dirty, and worn a little around the frame, but basically in good displayable condition.

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