9.3 x 72R : RWS ; 9.3 x 72R, soft point

Catalogue number
  • SAA 311
  • overall: Length 83.6 mm
  • case: Length 71.5 mm
  • exposed lead: Diameter 7.0 mm
Alternative Names
  • FULL NAME: 9.3 x 72R : RWS ; 9.3 x 72R, soft point
  • SIMPLE NAME: cartridge, rifle, expanding
weapons and ammunition

History note

Description: a number of rimmed straight cased or slightly bottlenecked cases in 9.3 mm calibre were developed in Germany in the late 19th century for single shot and double barrelled rifles or combination guns. Case lengths varied from 48 to 82 mm. None of these black powder loads were particularly powerful, and were intended for short range use on roe deer and animals of a similar size. They should not be confused with the smokeless powder 9.3 x 74R cartridge developed in the early 20th century, a powerful cartridge usable on heavy game and similar to the British .400/.360 Nitro Express in performance.

Physical description

bullet : attachment : press fit

Headstamp, stamped, case base: blocked in white for easier recognition

RWS. // 9.3 x 72R