18 pdr QF Gun Mk II, Pattern 1904

Catalogue number
  • ORD 104
Display status
IWM Duxford
Production date
  • whole: metal
Alternative names
  • full name: 18 pdr QF Gun Mk II, Pattern 1904
  • simple name: gun, artillery : British
Weapons and ammunition

Physical description


History note

This actual piece fired 16,513 rounds in France from September 1916, until worn out in November 1917. It was then sent to England and relined, then re-issued on 11 March 1918, after which it was used by 53rd R.F.A., which after suffering heavy casualties on the Somme and the Lys, took part in the Battles of Epehy, 18th September, the St Quentin Canal, 29th September to 2nd October, Beaurevoir, 3rd to 5th October, Cambrai 8th/9th October, and Selle, 17th to 25th October.


Breech: QF 18PR MkII W.B. & Co 1918 (1917 struck out) No 8058 (struck out) No 5018 Breech mechanism: QF 18PR MkI VS 1906 No 553 QF 13 & 18 PR VSM 1917 Muzzle end: JW No C15840 RETUBED N.O.F.Ls 2-18 Carriage plate 18PR QF MkII E.O.C. 1918 REG. No. C15566

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