13 pdr 9 cwt Anti-Aircraft Gun

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Catalogue number
  • ORD 103
Display status
IWM Duxford
Production date
  • metal
Alternative Names
  • FULL NAME: 13 pdr 9 cwt Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • SIMPLE NAME: gun, anti-aircraft : British
weapons and ammunition

History note

Mounted on Thornycroft Anti-aircraft Lorry, currently on Display at Duxford. This Gun and Lorry were originally part of the Museum's collections in the early 1920s, but they were handed back to Thornycroft at that time, in return for a scale model. In 1982, the Museum was offered a very dilapidated and partially dismantled Thornycroft Anti-aircraft Lorry (and Gun), which was then purchased. During its restoration, the chassis serial number came to light, and it transpired that this was the same vehicle that the Museum has disposed of in the 1920s!

Physical description

gun, pedestal

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