QF 13 pdr Mk 1

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  • ORD 101
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  • whole: wood
  • whole: metal
  • whole: Calibre: 13pdr
Alternative names
  • full name: QF 13 pdr Mk 1
  • simple name: gun, artillery : British
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Physical description

Gun: a wire-wound gun, with its hydro-spring recoil system mounted above the barrel. The carriage was a strong but light pole trail type with two seats for the gunners, when in action, and a shield to protect them from enemy shrapnel and small arms fire. This particular Gun was made by Vickers, Sons and Maxim, in 1905.

History note

The QF 13-pdr Horse Artillery Gun was manufactured as a result of the deliberations of a Committee set up as the war in South Africa was drawing to a close, and was intended to provide the Horse Artillery with the best modern gun that could be made. After studying numerous proposals, the Committee recommended an amalgam of the best features from Vickers and Woolwich Arsenal, and the 13-pdr Gun was introduced into service in 1904. This particular 13-pdr Gun was taken to Belgium on 15 August 1914, as the No 4 gun of ‘E’ Battery, Royal Horse Artillery. It came into action near Binche, about ten miles from Mons, on 22 August 1914, where it fired the first British round of the First World War on the Western Front. The gun was then in action throughout the retreat from Mons. During 1914 the gun took part in the Battles of the Marne, the Aisne and First Ypres, and then in most battles of 1915-17, including action at the Second Battle of the Ypres, Neuve Chapelle, Loos, Battles of the Somme, Hill 60, First and Second Battles of Cambrai, Lens and Arras. In 1918, it was involved in the retreat of the Fifth Army, but later took part in the British advance, and was one of the last guns in action, finally accompanying the Battery to Germany. In 1964, this gun was taken again to Belgium, where one of its original crew fired a blank round on the fiftieth anniversary of its first shot. Five years later, in July 1969, the gun took part in a similar commemorative ceremony at Bray.

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