Lance Bomb (anti-submarine)

Catalogue number
  • MUN 568
  • whole: metal
Alternative names
  • full name: Lance Bomb (anti-submarine)
  • simple name: grenade : British
Weapons and ammunition

Physical description


History note

Original caption: Lance Bombs - high explosive and weighing between 20 and 30lbs - were first issued to destroyers quite early in the war to be hurled (by hand) at a submarine alongside. On 24th April 1916, during the laying of the first Belgian coast barrage, the drifter "Gleaner of the Sea" was at anchor off Walcheren with her indicator nets astern. The crew saw a submarine foul the wire cable of the anchor. The skipper, R G Hurren, threw a lance-bomb on the foredeck, causing a great explosion, which certainly disabled the submarine (U.B.13) and caused it to go to the bottom, where it was afterwards destroyed. The skipper was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, one of the crew the Distinguished Service Medal and the usual prize money granted.

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