Map Case, French

Catalogue number
  • EQU 3770
  • Pop Studs: metal
  • Flap: leather
  • Map Case: leather
Alternative names
  • full name: Map Case, French
  • simple name: personal equipment: French

Physical description

Husband's uncle Black leather map case & adjustable carrying strap. The case features an expanding pocket that is faced with a transparent celluliod screen and this is marked with red grid squares. The screen is covered by a removable leather flap, secured by two black metal pop-studs. Access to the expanding pocket is by a closeable leather flap, also secured by two metal pop-studs.

History note

This map case is believed to have been used by Sergeant Jean Bauvallet who volunteered to join the French army in August 1914. Bauvallet (aged 19) was killed in action whilst serving with the 418e Regiment d'Infanterie at Beausejour, in the Champagne region on 26 September 1915, however his fate was not confirmed until 1 August 1917. The day before his death Sergeant Bauvallet was reported carrying his wounded lieutenant in front of the French lines for which he was awarded a posthumous Croix de Guerre.

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