Army Medal for War (1939-1945) (Medal Wojska za Wojne 1939-1945)

Catalogue number
  • OMD 6032
Alternative names
  • full name: Army Medal for War (1939-1945) (Medal Wojska za Wojne 1939-1945)
  • simple name: medal, Polish
Decorations and awards

Physical description

medal and ribbon circular bronze medal 36 mm of diameter. On the obverse a crowned eagle sitting on a sabre. The reverse design bears the inscription POLSKA / SWEMU / OBRONCY (Poland to Her defender) with a small oak leaf above and below. The ribbon is 37mm dark crimson with white pinstripes on either side and white edges

History note

Mr Wladyslaw Pilaczynski ( died 26 June 2000) served with the Free Polish Forces in the UK and in Italy at Monte Cassino. (See OMD 6033). Nothing is known about Mr Pilaczynski's background or service other than the information stamped on an ID Disc. This information is transcribed as follows: 'A.P. 1907 110- 111 RZ. KAT PILACZYNSKI WLADYSLAW'. This medal was instituted on 3 July 1945 by decree of President of the Polish Government in Exile in London. Conferred in a single grade on all members of the Ground Forces, irrespective their rank, for at least 6 months of meritorious service with a unit engaged in military operations against an enemy, or a year service with another unit. The medal could be conferred up to four times; for a subsequent award the period of service was doubled.

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