Empress of India Medal (1877)

Catalogue number
  • OMD 225
  • whole: silver
  • Ribbon: Width 43 mm
  • whole: Diameter 57 mm
Alternative names
  • full name: Empress of India Medal (1877)
  • simple name: medal, British
Decorations and awards

Physical description

MODEL. Obverse design: Queen Victoria, bust, wearing small crown and veiled (beaded edge to the medal). Obverse text: "VICTORIA 1ST JANUARY 1877". Reverse desing: border, decorative half-diaper type pattern, 4 mm wide, around the edge of the medal enclosing the text which is in Persian, English and Hindi. Reverse text: "EMPRESS OF INDIA" (the same also in Persian and Hindi). Suspender: straight bar (with central curvature). Ribbon colours: purple & yellow. Ribbon pattern: yellow/PURPLE/yellow. (Component parts: medal and riband)

History note

Empress of India Medal awarded to Major-General Sir Campbell Clarke. Medals in silver (some were struck in gold) were presented to selected noblemen and gentlemen, European and Indian, and to a selected soldier of each British and Indian regiment in India. The medal was intended to be worn around the neck via the crimson (edged with gold) riband.

History note

Obverse design (Royal effigy) is attributed to G G Adams.

History note

Reference : Dorling, H T (Captain) & Guille, L F : 1974 : Ribbons and Medals : George Philip, London : p 144

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