Submersible, Midget Submarine XE8, British

Catalogue number
  • MAR 561
Production date
  • whole: Length 53.33 ft, Weight 30 ton, Width 5.75 ft
Alternative names
  • full name: Submersible, Midget Submarine XE8, British
  • simple name: submersible : British
Vehicles, aircraft and ships

Physical description

XE Class Midget Submarine XE8 ("Expunger")

History note

Ordered 24/Dec/1943, keel laid 1944, commissioned 6/Nov/1944. On 22 May 1945, she was taken by train to Portsmouth where she was used for training and instruction post-War. Taken out of commission in 1952 and allocated to Portland as a submerged target for training in submarine warfare. Taken to exercise area off Portland, she was provided with positive buoyancy and moored at half depth (45 ft below surface), but quickly lost buoyancy and sank in about 80-90 ft of water. Wreck located in 1972, and raised in by HMS Kinbrace 1973. Subsequently moved to Duxford on 31/May/1973. Placed on Historic Ships Committee Register under Certificate No 448.