boat, Jolly Boat from SS Anglo-Saxon

Catalogue number
  • MAR 574
  • metal
  • rope
  • wood
  • general: Length 18 ft
  • general: Width 6.5 ft
  • general: Weight 500 kg
Alternative Names
  • FULL NAME: boat, Jolly Boat from SS Anglo-Saxon
  • SIMPLE NAME: boat, British
Object Type
vehicles, aircraft and ships
Object description

A small wooden, clinker-built boat from the SS Anglo Saxon, used for light tasks and as a lifeboat. Complete with wooden mast.


On 21 August 1940 the German armed merchant raider 'Widder' sank the SS Anglo-Saxon, 5,596 tons (Nitrate Producers SS Co) carrying a cargo of coal from Newport to Bahia Blanca , approximately 800 miles west of the Canaries. Seven men managed to escape in the jolly boat which drifted 2,700 miles across the Atlantic finally grounding with only two survivors, Able Seaman Robert Tapscott and Roy Widdicombe, on an island in the Bahamas after 70 days. Thirty nine of the 'Anglo-Saxon's' crew died. After the war the 'Widder's' captain, von Ruckteschell, was found guilty of failing to provide for the safety of the ship's crew, since 'Widder' had fired on the ship's lifeboats. This boat was generously transferred to the Imperial War Museum from Mystic Seaport Museum, with the help of P&O Nedlloyd and the support of the Newport SS Anglo-Saxon Jolly Boat Association, Mr Anthony Smith and Mr Ted Milburn.

History note

This jolly boat drifted 2,700 miles across the Atlantic, after the sinking of the SS 'Anglo-Saxon'. Of the original seven men in the boat two survived.

Physical description

Boat made of wood, largely cream coloured with red features. Rope fixed along the sides. With wooden mast

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