Ship : Mark II Airborne Lifeboat : British

Catalogue number
  • MAR 566
  • whole: wood
  • whole: L. 30ft. Beam 6ft.(When complete)
Alternative names
  • full name: Ship : Mark II Airborne Lifeboat : British
  • simple name: ship : British
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Physical description

Mark II Airborne Lifeboat

History note

The loss of valuable aircrew in the North Sea and Channel during the Battle of Britain in 1940 stimulated interest in various aspects of air-sea rescue, including airborne lifeboats,designed by the famous Uffa Fox, which could be dropped to aircrew in the sea. The first airborne lifeboat, the Mk I, was introduced in 1943. It was followed by the Mk II lifeboat which was generally carried by a Vickers Warwick ASR I, which entered service in the summer of 1943.The Mk II lifeboat went into production in 1944 . It could carry up to 10 persons and its equipment and stores included radios , rations, drinking water, waterproof suits, medical equipment, charts, and emergency equipment.

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