knife bayonet for Model 1898 Mauser rifle & Seitengewehr Model 1914

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Catalogue number
  • WEA 241.1
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  • grips: wood
Alternative Names
  • FULL NAME: knife bayonet for Model 1898 Mauser rifle & Seitengewehr Model 1914
  • SIMPLE NAME: bayonet, German
weapons and ammunition

History note

Thought to have originated as a pre-First World War export pattern. Walter intimates that the weapons were modified and retained for German service after 1914. (References: Walter, J 1976 (The) German Bayonet Arms and Armour, London pp 74-76; Carter, A & Walter, J 1974 (The) Bayonet Arms and Armour, London; pp 62-63)

Physical description

CONTROL. Pommel form: stylised vestigial beakhead with rounded end housing T-O shaped attachment slot. Worn press stud, on right side, operates locking catch via internal coiled spring. Back of pommel flat and straight, underside rounded. Pommel meets grips vertically. Grips form: two-piece wood retained by two screw bolts with slotted nuts. Back flat and straight, underside rounded and gently shaped to hand. A small rectangular cleaning hole is positioned immediately behind the crossguard. Crossguard form: short square sectioned crosspiece. Round ended lower section extends only 3.5 mm below blade. Vestigial upper guard is concave ground to form shallow recess for firearm's barrel. Blade form: single-edged with double-edged spear point, fullered. Fuller length approximately 205 mm, tops rounded. Back of blade flat. (Related item: scabbard)


inscription stamped blade (left ricasso) (inverted) Odeon


mark stamped blade (back, near guard) crowned script Gothic G (?)

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