M1916 trench knife & Couteau Poignard Mle 1916

Catalogue number
  • WEA 2235
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IWM London
  • Hilt: wood
  • Blade,Scabbard,Guard: steel
  • Scabbard: Depth 23 mm, Length 188 mm, Width 30 mm
  • Blade: Length 170 mm, Width 25 mm
  • Knife: Length 282 mm, Width 82 mm
  • whole: Depth 30 mm, Length (overall) 299 mm, Width 82 mm
Alternative names
  • full name: M1916 trench knife & Couteau Poignard Mle 1916
  • simple name: knife, fighting, French
Weapons and ammunition

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The Couteau Poignard Mle 1916 was the French Army's final official issue Trench knife of the First World War. It was produced by a number of different manufacturers. The inscription refers to the desire of the French to avenge their defeat by Prussia in the war of 1870-71.

Physical description

Knife and scabbard. The knife has a plain wooden hilt, broad steel crossguard and double-edged blade. Ricasso of blade bears manufacturer's name (Chabrol) on one side and the inscription 'LE VENGEUR DE 1870' ('the avenger of 1870') on the other.

1. stamped on ricasso 2. stamped on ricasso


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