knife bayonet for Model 1896 Swedish Mauser rifle & Model 1896

Catalogue number
  • WEA 384.1
Part of
  • whole: length (overall) : 332 mm & 13.071 ins blade length : 207 mm & 8.149 ins blade width (at guard) : 24.5 mm blade thickness (at guard) : 6 mm muzzle ring (internal diameter) : 16 mm
Alternative names
  • full name: knife bayonet for Model 1896 Swedish Mauser rifle & Model 1896
  • simple name: bayonet, Swedish
Weapons and ammunition

Physical description

Hilt form: tubular, exterior surface knurled for grip. The open "pommel" end has a narrow reinforce the back of which is grooved. Projecting from the underside of the "pommel's" end is an unusual flared bell-like spring catch which has a band of knurling for grip. The catch is angled towards the blade and operates the locking mechanism at base of "pommel". To remove bayonet from rifle the spring catch is pulled outwards. Crossguard form: straight, tapering lower guard with vestigial backswept finial. Upper guard formed into full muzzle ring. Blade form: single-edged, swelling slightly towards spear point, with very narrow central fullers. Fuller length approximately 160 mm, width 3 mm, stops curve-pointed. Extremely narrow flat back to blade. Hilt finish: originally blued, now worn. Blade finish : bright steel.

History note

Described by vendor as "Model 1896/AG42". Reference: Watts, J & White, P 1975, (The) Bayonet Book, Watts and White, pp 255 and 262 (ref 587)


mark stamped locking catch (face) Swedish crown


mark stamped crossguard (facing blade) Swedish crown / crowned G / 137


mark stamped blade (right ricasso) crowned G


mark stamped blade (left ricasso) crown above 137

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