Les Raids de la Royal Air Force Ecrasent l'Industrie Allemande [Royal Air Force Raids Are Destroying German Industry]

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  • Art.IWM PST 5637
Art and Popular Design
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Great Britain
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  • Support: paper
  • medium: lithograph
  • Support: Height 757 mm, Width 493 mm
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  • object category: Poster

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whole: the two images are positioned in the upper three-quarters and in the lower fifth. The title is integrated and placed in the upper quarter, in red. The text is separate and located in the lower half, in black. Further text is partially integrated and positioned in the upper half, in black. The upper half is set against a yellow background, and the lower half is set against a white background. image: the upper image is a depiction of three falling bombs, increasing in size from left to right. The lower image is a silhouetted depiction of the bombed factories and docklands of a German city, with flames and clouds of smoke set against a red sky. text: LES RAIDS DE LA ROYAL AIR FORCE ECRASENT L'INDUSTRIE ALLEMANDE BOMBES 225 KILOS 1940 BOMBES 1,000 KILOS 1941 BOMBES 4,000 KILOS 1942 Jusqu'à la fin de la troisième année de guerre, un total de 8.985 avions ennemis avaient été détruits. Dans ce chiffre sont compris les appareils détruits dans le Moyen Orient. De janvier à juin 1942, la R.A.F. et la R.A.A.F. ont pris part à plus de 400 raids effectués par les forces aériennes alliées contre les positions japonaises en Extrême Orient. Les appareils du Commandement de Bombardement ont couvert une distance de près de 50.000.000 de kilomètres et ceux du Commandement Côtier plus de 80.000.000 de kilomètres depuis le commencement de la guerre. Un groupe de Commandement de Chasse, seul, couvrit une distance de 3.200.000 kilomètres en mars et avril 1942, la majeure partié au-dessus de la Manche ou de la France occupée par l'ennemi. En 31 jours, entre le 12 juillet et le 11 août 1942, 26 jours furent marqués par des attaques et il n'y eut que trois périodes de 24 heures sans opérations des bombardiers de la R.A.F. Le Commandement de Bombardement a détruit d'un quart à un tiers de tout Cologne, la troisième ville d'Allemagne. Plus de 175.000 bombes incendiaires furent lancées sur Hambourg, en 35 minutes, durant la nuit du 26 au 27 juillet 1942. La Royal Air Force emploie maintenant des bombes de 4.000 kilos dans certains de ses raids sur les centres industriels allemands. [Royal Air Force raids are destroying German industry. 225 kg bombs 1940. 1000 kg bombs 1941. 4000 kg bombs 1942. Up to the end of the third year of the war, a total of 8985 enemy planes had been destroyed. This figure includes aircraft destroyed in the Middle East. From January to June 1942, the R.A.F. and the R.A.A.F. took part in over 400 raids carried out by Allied airborne forces against Japanese positions in the Far East. The aircraft of Bomber Command have covered a distance of nearly 50,000,000 kilometres and those of Coastal Command more than 80,000,000 kilometres since the start of the war. A group from Fighter Command, alone, covered a distance of 3,200,000 kilometres in March and April 1942, most of it over the Channel or enemy-occupied France. In 31 days, between 12 July and 11 August 1942, 26 days were marked by attacks and there were only three 24-hour periods without operations by R.A.F. bombers. Bomber Command has destroyed between a quarter and a third of Cologne, Germany’s third largest city. More than 175,000 incendiary bombs were dropped on Hamburg in 35 minutes during the night of 26-27 July 1942. The Royal Air Force is now using 4000 kg bombs in some of its raids on German industrial centres.]

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