Single Men First

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  • Art.IWM PST 5040
Art and Popular Design
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Great Britain
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  • Support: paper
  • medium: letterpress
  • Support: Height 768 mm, Width 507 mm
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  • object category: Poster

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whole: the title and subtitle are positioned across the top in black. The main text, also in black, is arranged over the remainder, with a table positioned on the left. image: text only. text: SINGLE MEN FIRST HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS YOU CAN ENLIST NOW and become at once a Soldier in training or YOU CAN ENLIST UNDER THE GROUP SYSTEM Under this system you will be enlisted for one day, and at your own request you will be transferred at once to Section B Army Reserve, and allowed to return to your home until the Group in which you are placed is called for service. You will be given an Armlet bearing the Royal Crown. Opportunities will be given you of voluntary preliminary drill. You will be given a fortnight's notice before you need actually join your unit. You will, therefore, be able to continue your usual work until you receive this call, which will allow you time to give notice to your employer, or arrange your affairs. There are 46 Groups, which are set out at side. The Single men will be put into the first 23 groups according to age, and the men entered upon the National Register as Married Men will be put into the following 23 Groups, also according to age. The groups will be called up in the order of their numbers (but in no case will anyone be called up until he has attained the age of 19 years). In short SINGLE MEN WILL BE CALLED FIRST Men who have married since their Registration, and Widowers without children will be regarded as Single Men. When a Group is called up by Proclamation, any man in that group will be able, if he so desires, and if there are very special circumstances in his case, to make an appeal to be placed in a later Group. [a two-column table gives details of the Groups, the first column lists twenty-three consecutive groups for single men, beginning with '1st Group Single Men of 18' and concluding with '23rd Group Single Men of 40'. The second column lists twenty-three consecutive groups for married men, beginning with '24th Group Married Men of 18' and concluding with '46th Group Married Men of 40',] W.11828. 50,000 11/15 PUBLISHED BY THE PARLIAMENTARY RECRUITING COMMITTEE, LONDON. Poster No. 134. HAZEL, WATSON AND VINEY, LD., 52, Long Acre, W.C.

Physical description

Parliamentary Recruiting Committee Poster No.134. W.11828.



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