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  • Art.IWM ART 16792
Art and Popular Design
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  • Support: paper
  • Support: aluminium
  • medium: cibachrome print
  • Support: Height 1010 mm, Width 1265 mm
  • Frame: Depth 48 mm, Height 1274 mm, Width 1502 mm
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  • object category: Photograph
Commissioned by the Trustees of the Imperial War Museum

© Paul Seawright

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In 2002, IWM commissioned Paul Seawright to respond to the War in Afghanistan, which had started the previous October. He was interested in how an artist might engage with conflict in a way that was different to the dramatic spectacles of photojournalism. The resulting photographs of minefields show a seemingly empty landscape, which in reality is both lethal and inaccessible. He says that he had‘always been fascinated by the invisible, the unseen, the subject matter that doesn't easily present itself to the camera’. Seawright’s work highlights the changing nature of contemporary warfare with its increasing emphasis on remote technology and hidden enemies.

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Commissioned by the Art Commissions Committee of the Imperial War Museum, 2002

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