Was Wir Verlieren Sollen! [What We are to Lose!]

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  • Art.IWM PST 7522
Art and Popular Design
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  • Support: paper
  • medium: lithograph
  • Support: Height 706 mm, Width 951 mm
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  • object category: Poster

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Object description

whole: the six images occupy the majority. The title is separate and positioned along the top edge, in green Gothic script held within a black area. The text is partially integrated and positioned in the lower half, in black held within green areas. All set against a white background. image: six separate images, illustrating what Germany will lose in the peace settlement: a map of Germany highlighting the land that will be lost; a figure of a civilian man to illustrate the loss of population; a lump of coal and a factory to illustrate the loss of coal; two large sacks and a hungry-looking family to illustrate the loss of bread, grain and potatoes; a container of iron ore and a metal processing factory to illustrate the loss of iron ore; a cargo ship docked in a German colony, crossed out to illustrate the complete loss of colonies and of the merchant fleet. text: Was Wir Verlieren Sollen! 20% unserer Produktionsgebiete 10% der Bevölkerung 1/3 der Steinkohlenerzeugung ¼ der Gesamtproduktion an Brotgetreide u. Kartoffeln 4/5 der Eisenerzschätze Unsere gesamten Kolonien und unsere Handelsflotte PLAKATKUNSTANSTALT DINSE und ECKERT BERLIN S.O. 16. (No. 295.) LOUIS OPPENHEIM [What we are to lose! 20% of our production regions. 10% of the population. 1/3 of coal production. ¼ of the total production of bread wheat and potatoes. 4/5 of iron ore. Our entire colonies and our commercial fleet. Dinse and Eckert Poster Art Institute Berlin S.O. 16. (No. 295.)]

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(No. 295.).




9.19 [?]

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