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  • 2012-10-05
Subject period
  • Album: Quantity 1
  • Prints: Quantity 61
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  • object name: album
  • object name: print
  • object category: Photography

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Object description

Photo album depicting German atrocities against Jews in occupied Poland, Ukraine and the Soviet Union. The inscription on the first page reads: 'This collection was created during several years of work from private albums of German soldiers. The commentaries on the back of the photographies were kept word by word. Undeniable evidence of suffering of the Jewish people'. Album contains photographs of daily life in Warsaw Ghetto (3 images); Radzymin Ghetto in April 1941 (1 image); and other unidentified locations probably in Poland (possibly Lwów); number of general images of Jews working in various locations; one photograph of local residents/Jews bowing to a German soldier passing by; two images of Jews being shaved by German soldiers. There are also very drastic photographs of Jews hanged from a balcony in one of the Ukrainian cities; two Jewish judges, Moshe Kogan and Wolf Kieper, hanged from gallows in the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr (1941) with a plaque branding them as 'Assistants of Cheka-Jewish (NKVD) hangman Mojsche Kogan - Der Gehilfe des Tschekajuden der henker Mojsche Kogan'; photographs of probably partisans hanged on trees in the forest in the winter. Also one image of children in Polish town of Mielec (1941) by the place where a local synagogue used to be (burned by the Germans on 13 September 1939 with 60 Jewish residents inside). The collection also contains an image (copy of HU 86369 from 2000-08-05 collection) showing German Einsatzgruppe firing squad shooting Soviet Jewish women in an open pit near Dubossary, Transnistria, in the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic on 14 September 1941.

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