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  • E 18980
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  • object category: Black and white

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Lieutenant General B L Montgomery, General Officer Commanding Eighth Army, watches the beginning of the German retreat from El Alamein from the turret of his Grant Tank. He is wearing his famous tank beret.


Lieutenant General Bernard Montgomery, commanding the British Eighth Army in North Africa, in the turret of his Grant command tank at El Alamein, 5 November 1942.

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  • paul_cox98 :

    26 November 2012 at 20:04
    My Grandad was in the AFPU, but he drove reporters around, including the BBC and Pathe news. He accumulated some photos during this time and this is one of the photos is collected. There are 2 numbers on the back of the photo, one I can now see is the catalogue number, 18980, but what is the other number, 119? Can any one assist?

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