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Williamson 'LB' Type vertical aerial camera, fitted with a 20-inch lens mount. Connected to the camera body is a propeller and flexible drive shaft for automatic operation, and a remote shutter-release attached by a Bowden cable. The 'LB' Type was a modification of the ‘L’ Type in which the gear and shutter mechanisms were simplified, thus allowing for a considerable reduction in the size of the camera body. The unit system of construction was adopted, allowing for the quick replacement of parts and ease of maintenance. The slit in the roller-blind shutter could be varied from ¼” to 1½” giving speeds from 1/100th to 1/600th of a second. The most significant improvement over previous models was the embodiment of a system of easily detachable, interchangeable lens mounts, allowing the use of any focus lens from 4” to 20” focal length. Other improvements included an exterior lever for adjusting the shutter slit, and an instantaneous method for converting from manual to automatic operation. In addition, all attachments, such as the power drive shaft and the Bowden release cable, were fastened with spring clips, and a moveable guide was fitted which enabled the quick removal of the top magazine in the event of a jam. The ‘LB’ Type weighed 52 lbs

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