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  • CH 15115
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  • object category: Black and white

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Aerial view from the north-west of the damage resulting from a V2 rocket missile which exploded in Mackenzie Road, Islington, London N7, England on the evening of 26 December 1944. Clearance work is still in progress on the site at which sixty-eight people were killed, eighty-six severely injured and one hundred and eighty-two slightly injured. 20 buildings were completely wrecked, including the 'Prince of Wales' public house where many of the casualties occurred.

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  • Jean Carruthers :

    28 November 2013 at 22:05
    My Grandmother Lizzie Evans (Paradise Passage) and Aunt Vera King (Knox House Caledonian Road) were both killed in the Prince of Wales Pub my family were celebrating my Aunt Vera's engagement that evening. Jean Carruthers
  • jeremyo :

    19 February 2013 at 15:06
    @NeilStreeter: thank you for sharing this account, it's both appalling and amazing. I've passed it on to the relevant department at IWM for review, after which they may update our record about this photograph.
  • NeilStreeter :

    19 February 2013 at 11:49
    My Grandfather George C Streeter and his wife Agatha Ellen Streeter were the proprietors at the time and survived as they were blown into the basement but protected by the counter. The pub was packed to the rafters as a nearby pub had run out of drinks, Apart from cuts and glass shrapnel they were relatively unscathed but 68 people died, many children who were sat on the step outside the pub where the bomb hit. Neil Streeter

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