Nimmer-mehr! [Never Again!]

Catalogue number
  • Art.IWM PST 6707
Art and Popular Design
Place made
Subject period
  • Support: paper
  • medium: lithograph
  • Support: Height 948 mm, Width 630 mm
  • Mount: Height 764 mm, Width 512 mm
Alternative names
  • object category: Poster

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Object description

whole: the image occupies the majority of the upper half. Two smaller images are positioned lower left and lower right, both held within red borders. The title and text are integrated and positioned at the centre, in white gothic script. Further text is separate and positioned upper left, upper right and in the lower third, in grey gothic script. All set against a white background and held within a grey and red ribbon border. image: on the left, a nurse wraps a bandage around the head of a wounded soldier. On the right, a mother puts a baby in a crib. Between the two images is a depiction of a cotton plant. In the smaller images: on the left, a woman harvests cotton plants; on the right, two women spin cotton. text: Sollen bleiben unverbunden Unserer tapfern Krieger Wunden? Soll es weiter fehl'n an Leinen für die kleinsten unserer Kleinen? Soll uns in ärgste Not zu bringen Unseren Feinden je gelingen? Nimmer-mehr! Was Beine hat, wird rennen Und trotz Jucken und trotz Brennen Sammeln von der heim 'schen Nessel Berge! Andre spinnen aus dem Werge Reichlich Garne für Gewebe Eifrig mitzuwirken, damit lebe weiter jedes Stammes wack'rer Held Und was im Kriege hat erblickt das Licht der Welt. k 10. - für 100 kg. trockene Stengel k 25. - für 100 kg. trockene Blätter Lith. J. Weiner, Wien. Leyrer zahlt die Übernahmstelle des Sammeldienstes beim k. k. Amt für Volksernährung und, wo keine solche besteht, der Gemeinde-Vertrauensmann bar aus. Über Anbau erfolgt eine besondere Kundmachung. [Are our brave fighters’ wounds to remain unbound? Is there still to be a lack of nappies for the tiniest of our little ones? Are our enemies ever to succeed in reducing us to dire straits? Never again! Everyone who has legs will run in spite of the itching and stinging and collect nettles from our native mountains! From the tow others will spin plenty of threads for woven materials working enthusiastically together so that the valiant hero of every family line may survive, and children that have come into the world during the war.10 kronen for 100 kg. of dry stalks, 25 kronen for 100 kg. dry leaves. Lithography by J. Weiner, Vienna. Is paid in cash by the acceptance point of the Collection Service at the Imperial Royal Office for National Food Supplies, and where there is no such office by the head of the local council. A special public announcement will be made about cultivation.]





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