Sommerschau über Europa 1915 [Summer Show over Europe 1915]

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  • Art.IWM PST 6966
Art and Popular Design
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  • Support: paper
  • medium: lithograph
  • Support: Height 550 mm, Width 704 mm
  • Mount: Height 550 mm, Width 419 mm
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  • object category: Poster

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whole: the image occupies the whole, held within a black border. The title and text are separate and positioned in the top right corner, in black and red gothic script, and held within a yellow border. image: a map of Europe, with each country represented by a depiction of their soldiers or national personifications. Britain is represented by John Bull who uses money as bait to fish for allies. France is represented by a wounded Marianne, who is aided by a British soldier. Germany is represented by three soldiers, one of whom moves towards France, while the other two, aided by an Austro-Hungarian soldier, attack a Russian figure. Another Austro-Hungarian soldier hits an Italian soldier in the mouth with the butt of his rifle. Turkey is represented by a man using a knife and fork to pick up and eat warships. text: Sommerschau über EUROPA 1915 erweiterter Massstab 3 gegen 8 Verlag von Lucas Gräfe, Hamburg. Zensur Altona No. 603 [a text box is positioned next to each country] [text box for Norway] Norwegen freut sich in der Tat, Dass es den Krieg nicht nötig Hat. [text box for Sweden] Der Schwede giebt genau drauf acht, Dass niemand ihm Beschwerde macht. [text box for Britain] John Bull angelt was er kann, Doch beisst kein fischlein ihm mehr an. Köder Kasse [text box for the Netherlands] Was auch ringsherum geschah, Holland sitzet ruhig da. [text box for Denmark] Der Däne lässt sich nicht verleiten, Schaut gans neutral nach beiden Seiten. [text box for Germany] Sind's feinde sieben oder acht Vereint wirds gut zum End gebracht. [text box for Russia] Der Russe fliegt nach kurzer frist, Woher er einst gekommen ist. [text box for France] Marianne kriecht Das Pferdchen liegt Zur Hilfe sind schon Krücken da Made and paid by Italia. [text box for Switzerland] Es ist wahrlich kein Vergnügen, Zwischen feinden rumzuliegen. [text box for Romania and Bulgaria] In diesen beiden Nachbarländern, Tat sich zum Glück noch nichts verändern. [text box for Portugal] Weil niemand ihm was böses tut, Macht Portugal sich selbst kaput. [text box for Spain] Hallo, ruft Spanien durch's Megaphon: Wann krieg ich denn Gibraltar, John! [text box for Italy] Es will Italien Öst'reich fressen, Doch hat's auf dessen Kraft vergessen. [sign on the island of Sicily]si prega di non [the 'non' is crossed out] sputare [text box for Serbia] Der Serbe möchte gern an's Meer, Den Italiano kränkt das sehr. [text box for Greece] Der Grieche schaut in ernster Ruh, Der Wandlung aller Dinge zu. [text box for Africa] In diesen grossen heissen Ländern, Wird sich wohl auch noch vieles ändern. [text box for Turkey] Der 'kranke' Mann am goldnen Horn Hat sein'n App'tit noch nicht verlorn, Die Nachbarn sehn vou Staunen zu: 'Den lassen lieber wir in Ruh!' A.K. gez. u. lith. Druck von Gebrüder Ludeking, Hamburg 30 [Summer Show over Europe 1915. expanded scale 3 to 8. Publisher Lucas Gräfe, Hamburg. Altona Board of Censors No. 603 [text box for Norway] Norway is delighted, that it doesn’t need the war. [text box for Sweden] The Swede makes very sure, that nobody complains to him. [text box for Britain] John Bull tries angling, but no little fishes bite any more. Bait box [text box for the Netherlands] Whatever happens all around, Holland sits there quietly. [text box for Denmark] The Dane does not let himself be led astray, and looks neutrally each way. [text box for Germany] Whether seven or eight enemies, united the task will be well accomplished. [text box for Russia] The Russian will fly after a short shrift, back to where he came from. [text box for France] Marianne crawls, the little horse lies, already crutches are here to help, made and paid by Italia. [text box for Switzerland] It really is no pleasure, to lie around between enemies. [text box for Rumania and Bulgaria] In these two neighbouring countries, fortunately nothing has happened yet to change things. [text box for Portugal] Since nobody does anything bad to it, Portugal destroys itself on its own. [text box for Spain] Hallo, calls Spain through the megaphone: when do I get Gibraltar, John! [text box for Italy] Italy wants to swallow Austria, but has forgotten its power. [sign on the island of Sicily] si prega di non sputare [text box for Serbia] The Serbian would like to reach the sea, which greatly offends the Italiano. [text box for Greece] The Greek watches quietly, earnestly, how all things change. [text box for Africa] In these big hot countries, much will probably change. [text box for Turkey] The ‘sick’ man on the Golden Horn has not yet lost its appetite, the neighbours watch in amazement: 'We’d better leave him in peace!' Printed by Bros. Ludeking, Hamburg 30]

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Zensur Altona No. 603. A handbill advertising the sale of the poster is adhered to the reverse of the poster.







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