'Le Secours National - Entr'aide d'Hiver du Maréchal' [‘National Aid - Field-Marshal’s Mutual Winter Help']

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  • Art.IWM PST 3349
Art and Popular Design
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  • Support: paper
  • medium: lithograph
  • Support: Height 636 mm, Width 490 mm
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  • object category: Poster

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whole: the ten images are positioned in the lower three-quarters, held within white insets. The 'Francisque Gallique' emblem, consisting of a double-headed axe, is placed in the lower centre. The title and text are separate and located in the upper half and bottom edge centre, in white and in red. Further text is partially integrated and placed above and below each image as a caption, in red. Additional text is separate and positioned at the edges, in red, held within a pink border. All set against a blue background. image: the images depict various civilians benefitting from charity assistance; such as adults and schoolchildren receiving free meals, children being sent on holiday, and firewood being cut for an elderly woman. text: SECOURS NATIONAL - ENTR'AIDE D'HIVER DU MARECHAL . SECOURS NATIONAL - ENTR'AIDE D'HIVER DU MARECHAL AU SEUL DE SA NOUVELLE CAMPAGNE 'LE SECOURS NATIONAL - ENTR'AIDE D'HIVER DU MARÉCHAL' SECOURS NATIONAL - ENTR'AIDE D'HIVER DU MARECHAL LE GOUTER DANS LES ECOLES Photo S.A.F.A.R.A. BÉNÉFICIAIRES: 495.000 ENFANTS VOUS PRÉSENTE SON BILAN DE L'ANNÉE ÉCOULÉE LES OUVROIRS ET ATELIERS Photo Atelier J.A.C. 11.283 OUVRIÈRES Y TRAVAILLENT SECOURS NATIONAL - ENTR'AIDE D'HIVER DU MARECHAL LES CANTINES SCOLAIRES Photo Atelier J.A.C. 104.000 ENFANTS EN PROFITENT CHAQUE JOUR LES CUISINES MUNICIPALES D'ENTR'AIDE Photo D.N.P. Chaque Jour, 111.000 Personnes y sont nourries LES VESTIAIRES Photo Atelier J.A.C. VÊTEMENTS DISTRIBUÉS 1.032.084 LE GOUTER DES MERES Photo S.A.F.A.R.A. pour les Mamans et Futures Mamans LES GARDERIES DE VACANCES Photo Atelier J.A.C. Pour les ENFANTS qui n'ont pu aller à la CAMPAGNE LES 97 MAISONS SECOURS NATIONAL - ENTR'AIDE D'HIVER DU MARECHAL MAISON D'AUBERVILLIERS Photo S.A.F.A.R.A. du Secours National-Entr'aide d'Hiver du Maréchal SECOURS NATIONAL - ENTR'AIDE D'HIVER DU MARECHAL LES COLONIES DE VACANCES Photo D.N.P. 86.240 ENFANTS ONT PU ALLER AU GRAND AIR 21, RUE LAFFITTE . PARIS LE PARRAINAGE DES VIEILLARDS Photo D.N.P. POUR LES VIEUX SANS SOUTIEN SECOURS NATIONAL - ENTR'AIDE D'HIVER DU MARECHAL Guilhermet SECOURS NATIONAL - ENTR'AIDE D'HIVER DU MARECHAL . SECOURS NATIONAL - ENTR'AIDE D'HIVER DU MARECHAL [National Aid – Field-Marshal’s Mutual Winter Help. On the threshold of its new campaign National Aid – Field-Marshal’s Mutual Winter Help presents you with its results for the past year. Tea-time snacks for schools. Photo S.A.F.A.R.A. Beneficiaries: 495,000 children. Working parties and workshops. Photo J.A.C. Studio. 11,283 female workers work there. School canteens. Photo J.A.C. Studio. 104,00 children benefit from them daily. Municipal mutual help kitchens. Photo D.N.P. Every day, 111,000 people are fed here. Clothing depots. Photo J.A.C. Studio. 1,032,084 garments distributed. Mothers’ teas. Photo S.A.F.A.R.A. For mothers and mothers-to-be. Holiday day-care centres. Photo J.A.C. Studio. For children who were not able to go to the country. The 97 Houses National Aid, Field-Marshal’s Mutual Winter Help Aubervilliers House. Photo S.A.F.A.R.A. Run by National Aid, Field-Marshal’s Mutual Winter Help. Children’s holiday camps. Photo D.N.P. 86,240 children were able to go and enjoy the fresh air. 21, Rue Laffitte. Paris. Sponsoring old people. Photo D.N.P. For old people with no support]




Secours National




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