'Frosch'-Fett ['Frog' Grease]

Catalogue number
  • Art.IWM PST 4824
Art and Popular Design
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  • Support: paper
  • medium: lithograph
  • Support: Height 568 mm, Width 296 mm
Alternative names
  • object category: Poster

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Object description

whole: the image is positioned in the upper two-thirds, with a smaller image placed in the lower centre. The title and text are partially integrated and placed in the lower half, in black, held within a red and brown inset. Further text is separate and located in the lower centre, in green. The smaller image and additional text are held within a yellow, circular inset. All set against a white background. image: a full-length depiction of a kneeling German infantryman, wearing a pickelhaube helmet, bending down to brush his left boot. He holds a tin of 'Frosch-Fett' leather polish in his left hand. text: BPG 15 FROSCH FE[TT] 'Frosch'-Fett Vorschriftsmäss. Armee-Tranlederfett hält das Leder weich und wasserdicht, die Füsse warm und trocken! Original-Dose Marke 'Froschkönig' Tran-Lederfett Schafft weiches wasserdichtes Leder. Werner und Mertz, Mainz und Wien Hier in Feldpost- Packg [piece missing] haben [Frog grease. 'Frog' grease. Regulation Army train-oil grease. Keeps leather soft and waterproof, feet warm and dry! Original tin. 'Froschkönig' brand train-oil grease for leather. Produces soft, waterproof leather. Werner and Mertz, Mainz and Vienna. Available here packaged for Army Mail]


51 [partially trimmed]





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